Congrats to the 2022 João José ‘John’ Santos Memorial Scholarships

Recipients are students from Bridgewater/Raritan High School and Hunterdon Central Regional High School:
Alvira Vahora ~ Bethany Lin ~ Amelia Mansfield

scholar-2022 scholar-2022

Below are the recipients 'Thank You' notes:

..."thank you so much for awarding me your scholarship! I understand the mental health stigma plays in people getting the help they so need, and how important education is to break the stigma!!

At a very young age, I lost mother to schizophrenia and I always had a drive to understand the brain, as well as why mental disorders happen. I found my passion when I took psychology and neuroscience classes. Although I may not have found all of my answers, I will continue to pursue them and help others with my drive to learn. I plan to become a neurologist with the goal to better understand mental illness, as well as do my part to break the mental health stigma surrounding it. It means a lot to me to receive this scholarship from an organization who helps countless of lives affected by suicide loss and mental illness. I have seen firsthand from my own experience as well in my high school community, how organizations based on education and compassions such as yours have reduced mental health stigma. Thank you...."

...."this scholarship gave me the opportunity to express my own struggle in terms of my mental health and have given me the opportunity to look back, reflect and see the progress that I have made and that I know others can make as well!! Thank you so much for helping me with my future aspirations in the field of psychology to help destigmatize suicides and mental health disorders throughout countries and cultures. I shall maintain the legacy of Mr. Santos as I embark on my journey to college to educate myself on the importance and complexity of mental health and the mind, I'll work hard to help those around me and throughout the world to reach out, and help them as you have helped me...." Thank you so much for all the work that the John Santos Charitable Organization does in spreading awareness about the impact of mental illness and challenges and helping to educate and help those who need that support.

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